Month: February 2017

Living in Las Vegas Without the Strip

Living in Las Vegas Without the Strip

Las Vegas is a city that everybody has the concept of what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But the reality is that Las Vegas is becoming a transition city, welcoming 7,000+ people every month, some of them finding a permanent home. The big surprise is that Las Vegas has started changing the mentality of a lot of people. When they come to Las Vegas, they realize it is more than just the famous “strip”, which means Las Vegas Blvd.

When they start the relocation process and utilize the services of a professional Real Estate Agent, they discover that Las Vegas has beautiful neighborhoods like Henderson, Summerlin, Red Rock, Green Valley, Anthem, Southern Highlands, and many other areas. These neighborhoods have all the good qualities that people are looking for when they are in the process of finding a home; like beautiful parks and recreation areas, brand new school buildings, libraries, green areas, and lots of amenities like grocery stores, pharmacies, doctor offices, professional services and businesses, beauty salons, and the best restaurants in the world, all of which are available without going to the “strip.”

The most interesting part of moving to Las Vegas is the endless amount of opportunities to find a job or start a new business compared to other cities, where the level of unemployment is growing more every day. Las Vegas on the other hand, is growing so fast, generating more and more employment opportunities, that there is not enough population to satisfy the demand. This is why Las Vegas is often considered the number one destination for many families in the United States.

If you are looking for comfort, good neighborhoods, employment opportunities, or starting a new business, and to live 20 minutes from huge resorts and entertainment, Las Vegas is your best destination in the world.…